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>> good morning the storm door will swing its way to open. we have a series of systems that will come to the bay area. the temperatures right now are in the '40's and '50's. i have been checking out some of the models and we may see spotty showers are approaching the coast line. the chance intensifies as we head into the
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overnight hours. for those of you who are just leaving your house is not too bad outside for visibility. >> i will have a look at where these numbers are expected to go. >> we continue to monitor a be pretty good ride around the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge also looks good. the metering lights have not been activated. there's still light traffic for most of the east bay. we do have slowing on interstate 580. there are no problems to report. >> it is 6 01 a.m.. >> our developing story that we are following is about a high-speed chase. this started on the bay bridge and a female driver led the police over several miles. >> what happened was that
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she blow by a ramp that was being worked on by the chp. they followed her and we are it 17th in south bend. she oscillate ended here. look how fast she was born. >> these are skid marks on the ground and she started to make a right turn and she did not make it and slammed into a pole and this controls the traffic lights which are off. we do not know when these traffic lights will be restored. it will be very busy with school buses coming and going. according to the people working they say this to take another couple of hours. that after replaced old box due to are slamming into a. she slams into this parked truck and as you can see the damage that may. before she alternately ended up here and she got into another crash at 16. she hit
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this car and this car moved forward and hit pedestrian. that ambulance came out and check the guy but he was ok. how strong or how that was this impact it lifted the struck off the ground. this truck was on the curb and his tire was separated from its ram. he is only 23 years old and she will be charged with felony and the you i'd. she hashe will be charged for fleeing police. she has had three prior d. wise according to the chp. >> how can you even stay on parole after three the wise? >> he stated that this is not my jurisdiction but they know they ran her driving record and they know-- they're not sure where she is from the this that this
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is up to the court. the is that the ones that ran her name they notice that she had three prior the allies. >> they're still working on this and this is the lampshade to the lampposts. this was also not to the ground. you concede that their underground trying to replace the wiring privets she knocked this poll completely down. cars that are usually pretty familiar with go into this area stated that they are not sure whether not they should go this area. is now before we stop. they stated that one school begins it will be a mess. >> this accident was just one of two stores that we are following. the other story involves a fire. this
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is a tool alarm blaze. this brought out about 2:00 a.m. this morning. >> firefighters have less to sing and this has returned to a quiet morning. this was a very active scene just a few minutes ago. there ride on sing to put out the flames. residents watched from the sidewalk and many of them were wearing their pajamas. they said the this broke out just after 2:00 a.m.. they will go up to the smell of smoke and fire alarms. crews stated that everyone did get out safe. >> my first thought was that i wanted to be safe. i took a moment upon close and then i stated fed-- >> the building sustained most of the damage in the bottom left unit. the fire
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crew stated that this fire like a starter from this area. they stated that this is an accidental fire and most other residents are able to return home to their units. everyone except for the bottom of unit. the family the stayed in this area will have to find somewhere else to say because this part of this building is unlovable. >> in antioch there is shooting and the police responded about 9:00 p.m.. this stated that shot or fired by the time they arrived this was department number 43. they found a 32 year-old man who was shot and killed. inside of the room they found something that looked like an explosive device. the bomb squad with in and determine that this was not an
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explosive. this murder is under investigation. >> fire crews and vallejo are investigating a suspicious fire at a strip mall. this fire brought out before 3:00 a.m. this morning. last night about a o'clock p.m. there was also a suspicious fire and in the residential building. both fires have been taking care of and firefighters are now looking into a pattern of suspicious fires that have happened recently. >> we're getting new video of the is really strike. they were killed when their leader fired--is road responded with war plans and they were targeting and vomiting areas they are
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conducting 50 airstrikes in the broad the strip. this has been escalating tensions between them and president obama has spoken to the prime minister. >> following the latest on the developing into the sex scandal. this led to the resignation of the former general's. they stated that they know of no other officials who was linked to the scandal. he stated that he remains confident in general john allen. he is the latest to have been pulled into this. he has been stated to be investigated duty males do to the spot other scandal. >> the maitre elides on all of one and you can still see that it's pretty clear out. we will be right back with the details.
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>> we are watching wall street. the dow has dropped a hundred and 85 points.europead that they are offical back in a recession. they stated that their economy is retracting. we also had a spike in weekly unemployment
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claims. it is up 78,000 mainly due to people in new york city falling for unemployment for the first time due to their offices being closed due to super storm sandy. the pace is slowing for foreclosures in the u.s.. the general trend across the united states is slowing in numbers. dow is down 30 points. >> three popular san francisco companies are in trouble. they have been fined $25,000 for operating without proper permits. these are the services and they were cited for violations for not have enough insurance and not enrolling their drivers and controlled substance and alcohol testing. states stated that they compare these to taxi services. right sure people stated
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that they are simply just helping people with cars connected with those who need a ride. they're also the target of a class action lawsuit that has been filed last week by a taxi driver who stated that the service is taking fares away from them. we wer >> do you know the car pool? they're picking people up and this is-edge once you charge then--it is interesting. we was see how the fires out. >> here is a live look at the bay bridge approach. we are following whether and we will update you with the mud slide situation in daly will update you with the mud slide situation in daly city.
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>> we have been following the damage in daly city. all of this flooding and destruction. we will go out to the scene antsy what is going on. >> the cleanup only took a
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few hours but the real work will start. the rain is in and they're really concerned about this. yesterday's city crews were out here trying to divert water that may potentially come down. this pipe broke on tuesday morning and it sent 45,000 of mud and water down the hillside. the big thing is that they have to make sure that this is fixed. the water main break cost 12 homes to be evacuated. the thought is is that they need to quickly as possible get this hillside fix and they have used trenching devices so that any water that may come down can be diverted. we had a chance to talk with a spokesperson and he talked about the project. >> the clean-up efforts are
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for today, tomorrow and over the weekend. we want to make sure that we are doing our jobs and protecting the residents. this is really the main focus. >> we have lost his signal and would try to reconnect with him. >> will have to see what happens. >> a five year-old boy is recovering after he was struck by a car. this happened about 5:00 p.m. yesterday. this was on lakeshore avenue in oakland. the child has trauma to his head and his injuries do not appear to be life- threatening. the driver of the car did cooperate with police. >> the family of a 12 year- old girl who was struck and killed by a car in september
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is now falling a lawsuit. she was hit by car on nevada boulevard, she was riding her bike. they stated that it was an accident and that haight elite failed to yield to oncoming traffic. but the family stated that the city and the driver should be held responsible for her death. the attorney for the family stated that he filed the suit against the city and he is hoping that a change can be made in the roadway and the family is suing the driver of the car and the drivers employed your who is pg&e. they stated that the driver did not break the law. >> we talked about the weather briefly with the situation in daly city. >> the rain will hold off later on until tonight but it will pick up in intensity. we are we going
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to be waking up for showers on friday morning and it will be a messy commute. there is cooler weather on the way. it is pretty mild and there are no problems. temperatures are in the mid '50s. it is 30--san mattel is coming in at 43 degrees. temperatures in the afternoon will not be that big of a spread. it will be 60's pretty much everywhere. will climb into the upper 60s for napa and 69 degrees in pleasanton. livermore will be coming in at 73 degrees. satellite shows the bigger story and this is a system that we are tracking. it continues to rotate and was see rain heavy at times as we head into tomorrow. it is off shore right now with just cloud cover. by 6:00
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p.m. tonight it should be mainly dry. we will pick up and cloud cover and gusty conditions are expected. as we push into later on tonight most of you will be in bed. there is a possibility for stray showers along the coast. it is overnight where the rain will flow and you wake up to on friday morning. it is dark green on your screen in that would indicate like to heavy rain at times. we will continue to see showers for rob the day and may be a messy commute for your evening ride home. we are not through with the wet weather. the storm door is just opening. saturday night into sunday we will see more heavy downpour. there will be gusty conditions reaching 30 mi. per hour.
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morning rain into sunday morning. it is certainly a possibility and the greatest potential for rent is north of the golden gate bridge for it will be on the cooler side and will continue to mount to the forecast. is 6:21 a.m.. >> as we continue to model to the house by the the bay bridge where started to see things back up. the metering lights have been activated and all of the lanes are slowing down. we are however incident from upper deck. the san mateo bridge is getting heavier but the drive time is not increasing it is only 11 minutes. you're ride to the golden gate bridge and 1 01 southbound is problem free. it is 18 minutes the drive time from hercules to berkeley. for 680 south bound and 580 is very heavy at the-that is a 34 minute
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drive time here. we are still a little bit ahead of the game. 1 01 north bound looks good and so this 280. highway 85 is problem free still. we have added three minutes to your drive time is now 26 minutes to the golden gate bridge. >> the time now is 6:23 a.m.. >> san rafael police are searching for a prowler who was injured in a confrontation with two women in their home. the armed man entered this apartment around 10:30 p.m. and he was confronted by the two women who live in the apartment one of them called the police and they stated that they were fighting the intruder. the man ran away after he was injured. he may have been stabbed but he was a boy get away. >> they are seeking to stop
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the supervisors from passing an ordinance that will ban nudity in the area. they are going to band you from showing your lower half. the band what applies to people on the street and that may rally out in front. >> would this be a next rally? >> they may have to put a towel or--it is 6:24 a.m. right now and b.p. stated that will pay money due to the spill. >> you concede traffic is looking good.
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>> it is 6:27 a.m.. >> a person that is familiar with the deal stated that b.p. has agreed to pay a penalty due to the 2010 oil spill. they stated that b.p. employees may face manslaughter charges over the people that died. the person stated that b.p. will plead guilty to obstruction of line to congress and about how much oil the was actually coming out of the whale. >> it is 6:27 a.m. and we
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are just three minutes away from opening bell. the nasdaq is getting ready to start trading.
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this fall and obviously in big trouble this morning. a lot of people asking how often she possibly be on the road with three prior do you i convictions. >> protesters under upset and over tuition costs having a meeting in san francisco. the finance committee meeting recently okayed the budget framework for the school year. the framework does the fan on the state giving the university fan additional $276 million. governor brown told the bridge as they should not count on it. this means the university will have to change course by cutting programs and finding
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ways to addition raise additional revenue. states have until tomorrow to decide whether not they will set up proper health insurance exchanges to keep up with president of on the health-care reform law. california has already created its own which will create online marketplaces where individuals and small businesses can find more affordable insurance plans. >> and president obama will be traveling to new york city today to review a draft efforts for hurricane sandy. and suddenly york it was hit hardest and thousands of people remain without power in the region. more than a hundred people died in the storm and millions are left
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without power of the most and have their power restored. and officials in new york tristate area are asking the federal government to cover 100% instead of the standard 70 percent of the efforts to restore the state. >> mitt romney is saying that president obama won the election by offering yes" gifts"to minorities to get people to vote for him. local crab season begins today. crab's cost two to $3 a pound for the dungeon as crabs of a catch.
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>> why health officials are sending out a warning about those popular 5 our energy drinks. they may be doing more harm than good. we will talk about that. here is a live look from lake tahoe. there is snow in the background and it looks like they may be getting more of it this weekend. there is a system had in our way. we'll breakdown the forecast for you and a bit.
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>> researchers looking for treatments may have a fresh target for treating alzheimer's. less than one up percent of people actually have this gene but if you have it it triples your chances of developing alzheimer's. it also affects
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elderly with and they're thinking that do not have dementia as well. >> testifying from a house committee yesterday fda commissioner told lawmakers that the problems found in inspections of the new plan compounds center were in her words very serious. the fda was obligated to refer to the massachusetts police who have more authority over the pharmacy. the owner and director of the and ec's the decline to testify invoking his fifth amendment right. >> of the food and drug administration confirmed reports that five our energy may have been involved in a number of deaths. 13 deaths over the past four years. this news follows the fda's disclosure last month that
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it was investigating reports of five deaths that may be related to monster energy drinks. the high decaffeinated beverages are the fastest-growing type of soft drink in the united states. sales increased 17% last year to about $9 billion. >> we are watching and waiting for the rain to come. the live look from our roof cam shows its plate pretty clear over san francisco right now. that will warm up later on this afternoon and when will the rain fall? we will find out coming up.
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>> a woman leads police on a high-speed chase over the bay bridge into san francisco and it ends with her smacking her car into several parked cars in the mission district. one of those cars flew into a person that was walking a bicycle at the time. the victim will be ok if they
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were treated at the hospital. israel is continuing to intense retaliation. the fighting shows no signs of letting up. israel is threatening to invade the palestinian territory because of that attack on israel. get ready for the rain. right now we're just great at the san mateo bridge, a live look there. we have rain and will talk about the timing in just a couple of minutes. >> a sharp drop and the dow industrial it is up right now buys 12. the think this is a one we pledge? >> more like a one month college. --glitch it is you're fired those that in mind your unemployment. any
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number over four under thousand is a bad number. this is not really a surprise. a lot of businesses are reporting that they're not making any earnings. they're taking the initiative right now saying they want to avoid the fiscal cliff and say they would rather fire their staffs. on to wal-mart >> companies come out with a beast in quarterly profit but the revenue is disappointing. >> wal-mart does 10 percent of all retail sales in the united states. their sales per year is 20 times bigger
6:48 am
than australia's gdp. wal- mart is crazy huge. we hope -their numbers were a little lower than we expected. it like the best economic indicator because somebody people shop there. it looks to be a very competitive holiday season and people are really cautious right now. target is the second largest discount retailer and they sell about 15%. target is more upper-middle- class. wal-mart is a lower middle-class. wal-mart is starting to struggle. >> european countries really do deep cuts and to it that order to control their deficits and their spending. should we do that are not do that our find somewhere in the middle? you hear the
6:49 am
wo >> we need to start using the word sustainability. we need sustainable programs in the united states. they have sustainable programs overseas and they are finding ways to stimulate growth. we need to change it. >> let's take a look at weather and traffic. >> we are taking a live to our mt. tam cam this morning. the camera starts to shake around so it is breezy and the higher elevations. it will not be that warm this afternoon compared to yesterday. it is a mild start to the morning. temperatures are dropping and we're saying upper 30's
6:50 am
and their film santa rosa school downtown san princess go a and 52 in daly city. cooler conditions compared to yesterday and we will see an increase in cloud cover. just about everyone is in the '60s. it climbs to the upper 60s for pleasanton and concord and potentially a 70 degree reading and livermore. satellite and radar tell us a bigger story and even see a system rotating out in the pacific. that will continue push as lackluster to the bay area by 6:00 p.m. tonight it will be a dry one. there'll be an increase in cloud cover as we head into the 11:00 the intensity of the system will increase over night. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning could be a messy commute. we'll have it scattered showers brought most of the day and we could pick up some water rain for parts of san
6:51 am
francisco the north bay over the golden gate bridge. it looks like we'll be on the back end of the system as we make up saturday morning. 7 day around the bay service into the weekend more rain on tap. saturday can be the heaviest rain yet. the slight potential for rain to start the next work week. temperatures will be in the '60s with a 30 percent chance of showers in the north bay. on to traffic now with george. >> a couple of incidents in the east bay could become a hot spot. there's an accident lot blocking the left hand lane slowing the ride coming down through bridgman leading into albany. we will see some slowing there and watch the drive times grow. on the nimitz southbound to 16 there was a report of an accident that was quickly cleared by the center divider but it is still slow from 98. that is in the
6:52 am
southbound direction of the accident occurred but there is a little snowing on the northbound side because of onlookers. the bay bridge is showing no incidents or stall on the upper back. the san mateo bridge we're still track and 11 minutes drive time. the golden gate bridge ride is a list move commute across the span and from marin county with under 30 minutes drive times from the naso leading down to the golden gate bridge. >> has a name by the year in the sandia antioch and officials are saying that they do not have these resources they need to crack down. homicides are up 25% from this time last year. rape is up 33% and robberies and aggravated assault has also increased. a combined total of 37% while arrests are down 17%. councilman
6:53 am
says neff and that >> we have staff community support. we cannot do it alone. we are part of the partnership for coming of solutions. we have done all we can and the police chief has done all he can. with the limited on how staffing that we have. >> the city council is flooding the other a plan it is their number-one the agenda when be the council is sworn an office in january. >> the wait is almost over if you are into twilight zones. the fans are they ready for the newest movie that comes out tonight. i know most teenage girls love it but james loves it to. this is lake tahoe and they have plenty of sunshine right now. all the trees are not covered with snow would they do have snow at the
6:54 am
higher elevations. there'll be more resorts opening tomorrow. we will be right back.
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>> time is running out and is almost in a twilight that opens in theaters today. the final film, please be the final film and the franchise. breaking don part to opens in theaters tonight at midnight. --dawn is based on books by stephanie meyers. grownups have read them to. i admit i've seen a couple of the gazillion movies that they make. this time bell begins at her new life as a vampire and a mother. my son did not like the last one because she was
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pregnant the whole time. this time we should see more exciting scenes. it is rated pg-13. what i like best is the final one. >> we will take a break. coming up i want leave police on a high-speed trade chase that and then a crash and bicyclist had turned power knocked out. we will talk with will tran who is out in the field. we're also watching the hillside in daly city that nearly washed away earlier this week. also we are watching the weather there is a storm on the way. we will visit with their cat there is a storm on the way. we will visit with their cat and a bit. there sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic. there is a storm on the way. experience thewith their cat pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years. plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee,
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